Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feisal Abdul Rauf Says He Will Resolve Islamic Center Dispute - NYTimes.com

Feisal Abdul Rauf Says He Will Resolve Islamic Center Dispute - NYTimes.com

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf promised on Monday to resolve the fierce dispute around plans to build a Muslim community center and mosque two blocks from ground zero, while noting that he does not believe the spot chosen for the center is “hallowed ground.”

Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations, he promised to find a way out of the current impasse around the planned center, which opponents say is insensitive to the memory of 9/11 and which supporters say sends the opposite message, that Muslims, like other Americans, object to and were victims of the attacks.

“Everything is on the table,” he said. “We really are focused on solving it” in a way that will be best for everyone concerned, he added. “I give you my pledge.”

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quran burning rumour kills 15 in Valley; CM appeals for peace

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At least 15 persons, including a woman and a 13-year-old schoolboy, were killed in Kashmir Valley on Monday as reports of Quran desecration in the US stoked anger in the embattled Valley. A policeman was run over by a lorry carrying protesters in Budgam while a missionary school was burned down in Tangmarg along with dozens of other Government buildings. Scores of ambulances were zooming around premier hospitals in Srinagar escorting injured and dead.

Tens of thousands of people defied curfew in every major town of the Valley to stage protest demonstrations. “It was just like the 1989 demonstrations in Kashmir when people took to street. People were chanting slogans from rooftops of buses and small vehicles and inside lorry compartments and tractor trolleys,” said Ishaq Ahmad in south Kashmir’s Tral pocket.

The situation worsened in the Valley on Monday morning following Iran’s state-run Press TV’s telecast showing desecration of holy Quran in the US. Soon, people defied curfews and took to streets, chanting anti-India and anti-US slogans and burnt effigies of US President Barack Obama.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quran Burning Story: This Is How The Media Embarrass Themselves

Quran Burning Story: This Is How The Media Embarrass Themselves
Earlier this year, an organization called the Cordoba Initiative were granted permission by the appropriate authorities in New York City to turn an old Burlington Coat Factory at 51 Park Place in lower Manhattan into a community center. The organization was headed by an Imam named Feisal Abdul Rauf, who has made it his life's work to stand against radical cults like al Qaeda and teach young Muslims that America is a place where one can freely worship at the appointed times and then join other faith communities in America in the task of building a great nation. The proposed community center was to include a basketball court and space for different religious communities in New York City to have interfaith relations. It was also going to have a place for Muslims to pray, if they liked.

The news didn't sit well with many people in New York, most notably people who didn't live in Manhattan. This is because they were told by a gaggle of dumb Islamophobes that what was planned was a "Ground Zero mosque." Of course, the planned community center was not, strictly speaking, a "mosque." And it was most definitely not "at Ground Zero." "Ground Zero" is the site of an interminable municipal construction project. There are no plans to build a mosque there. "Ground Zero" is also not the name of a recognized New York City neighborhood, like DUMBO or Murray Hill. But, here's the thing: even if it was, the battle to stop the "Ground Zero mosque" was already lost, because there already is a mosque in that neighborhood

Churhes stoned and Christian shot at Pakistan

Islamabad: September 11, 2010. - The demonstrators against Pastor Terry Jones on his announcement to observe “Burn a Koran Day” on September 11, 2010, stoned a Church in Daska and three Churches in Narowal district of Punjab province of Pakistan on September 10, 2010, when Pastor Terry have already called off his “International Burn a Koran Day”In Saidpur, Narowal district, Muslim protestor stoned a Church and tried to set it on fire while same attacks were occurred in two more Churches in this remote district of Punjab,

There was widespread fear among Pakistani Christians when Dove World Outreach Center, Florida Pastor vowed to burn 200 hundred copies of Holy Koran;

The Bishops Conference of Pakistan, NCJP, Bishops of Church of Pakistan, Pakistan Christian Congress and other leaders of Pakistani Christian community held press conferences and protests in major cities of Pakistan to condemn action of Pastor Terry Jones to defile Holy Koran.

The Government of Pakistan and Muslim leaders clarified on electronic media that Pakistani Christians are peaceful community and condemning “Burn a Koran Day” to calm down angry Muslims but failed to provide adequate security to Christians in Pakistan.

In Karachi, on September 9, 2010, when Christians were holding demonstration under leadership of Bishop Sadiq Daniel against Pastor Terry Jones in front of Karachi Press Club, Asghar Bhatti, a Catholic layman, member of the St. Paul parish was shot at by Islamic militants.

In Saidpur, Narowal district, Muslim protestor stoned a Church and tried to set it on fire while same attacks were occurred in two more Churches in this remote district of Punjab,

In Hyderabad, police was called to protect Churches from any Muslim demonstrators and situation and grim in rural areas of Sindh.

There are rumors that Churches were attacked in Khyber Pukhtukhawa province also which were not confirmed till filing this story.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rival rallies over Islamic centre mark 9/11

Pro Mosque radicals attack college kids at ground Zero
Sunday, September 12, 2010

New York/Washington: As America observed the ninth anniversary of the Sep 11, 2001 terror attacks that shook the world, thousands of rowdy protestors held rallies in Lower Manhattan for and against a proposed controversial Islamic centre near Ground Zero.
Both sides drew large, boisterous crowds with pro-mosque demonstrators marching from City Hall to the Federal Building Saturday and 2,500 anti-mosque protestors rallying near the controversial Park Place site of the proposed Islamic Centre.

No arrests have been reported, though things got heated when several college kids agitated a group of anti-mosque demonstrators, according to New York Post.

Anti-mosque rally leader Pam Geller opened the demonstration with a moment of silence - but it was loud and rowdy from there on, the daily said.

A trumpet player played TAPS, the crowd sang "The Star Spangled Banner," waved American flags and chanted U-S-A.

In another earlier display, a solitary, wild card protestor walked up to the intersection of Murray and Church streets and started tearing out the pages of a green Koran he was holding, eventually burning a few of the pages, the Post said.

The man said nothing as he was escorted to safety by the police and left the scene via the Path Train. He later told The Post his protest was about freedom of speech.

"People have the right to build that mosque," the bizarrely calm man said, refusing to identify himself. "They own that property. I wanted to show that I have the right to free speech. Rights are a two way street."

The display was apparently prompted by Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ aborted plan to burn the Quran

In Washington, a handful of protestors walked across the street to the White House and tore some pages from a Quran to denounce what they called the "charade of Islam" on the anniversary of 9/11.

"Part of why we’re doing that, please hear me: the charade that Islam is a peaceful religion must end," said Randall Terry, a leading anti-abortion campaigner.

Another activist, Andrew Beacham, read out a few Quran passages calling for hatred towards Christians and Jews, and then ripped those pages from an English paperback edition of the Quran.

"We are exercising our freedom of speech and we will not live in fear of Islam. There’s only one religion and it’s Christianity," he said.